3D Printing: Manufacturing Industry Adds Value of Efficiency with New Technology

3D printing has reached the forefront of effective and cost-efficient manufacturing. The technology delivers the value of effective time and resource management making it a perfect fit for the businesses striving to deliver quality in time. With advanced 3D printing technology, the manufacturing of complex yet essential products has become simple and pocket friendly. Owing to these factors 3D printing technology is extensively used in businesses that deal with manufacturing of critical and sensitive devices.

Which End-Users Leverage the Maximum Benefit of 3D Printing Technology?

Healthcare: Healthcare industry is projected to be the largest user of the 3D printing technology. The industry uses the technology not just to produces devices and instruments but there are possibilities that this technology can yield into a fully functional human body part. However this  yet a big leap for the industry, but this what science is all about.

Nevertheless, there are various dental implants available in the market that are produces using 3D printing technology.

Automotive Industry: This is also a massive share holder in the field of application of 3D printing technology. The industry uses 3D printers to manufacture wheels, engine components, fenders, fuel tanks, and various other components that can be used in a vehicle.

The reason that the automotive industry is inclined towards this technology is the factor of cost-efficiency and consistency it offers to the business. To make the vehicle unique yet similar to the lineage of the model, 3D printing technology can produce component with dimensions as accurate to one tenth of a millimeter. It also saves a lot of time that was previously consumed to manually produce the components.

It is noticeable that 3D printing is still evolving. Who knows in future, world can witness marvels such as live human tissues that are produced by using 3D printing?

By Allen Joseph

Allen is a MBA in finance from Xaviers institude of management and research. He works as Deputy Manager at HDFC Bank. Allen is passionate about finance and business trends . He writes for us on the same topics mentioned previously.

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