Serious trouble for all the Apple user

Apple as a company has a good reputation in the market and has a larger audience using and trusting their product across the globe. Apple as a company take good care for their customer, and they deserve applause for releasing a good and valuable smart phone for their customer. But now it seems that there will be serious trouble for all the Apple users, trouble seems to be small I would rather say it’s going to be worst for all the Apple users.

Looking at the confirmation received from apple that all the iPhones and iPad are vulnerable to the new potential serious software discovered in iOS 13 for Native mail app, And looking at the problem apple believe that it will be serious trouble for all the Apple users which may even lead to the crashing of someone’s phone. So, the company started working on the fix for this bug immediately. As they do not want their customer to get affected ad losing trust in them, to keep their trust the company is working hard to get this worked as soon as possible.

Project Zero team of google discovered that there are lot newer vulnerable in apple devices such as in iOS, iPadOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS. This seems to be not good news for the user who is using Apple devices and has lots of important data on their device. As per the update from the google project zero team, there is “Fuzzing ImageIO” which explains that there are security holes in the media files send on all the messaging platforms for apple. All the security analyst team of project zero disclosed this to apple after contacting them as per there policy which they work.

And that`s a bigger challenge for apple is to get this problem fixed in the latest update release from apple, which the company is trying sooner. So now as we all know that the next update which will come from apple need special attention because if we do not want to be in trouble or a serious problem in compromising the data, we should update our device as soon as the apple release the update.

And on the other hand, to solve this serious trouble for all apple users the company is trying hard to accelerate the release for iOS 13 which is named iOS 13.4.5 which is been under testing for a longer time, and Apple will be releasing it soon. So people stay tuned for all the updates from apple.

By Tommy Cheng

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